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Name:Penelope 'Penny' Hayes
Location:Washington, United States of America
Original role-play character based on the Highlander TV series and film world. Just for funsies!

Character Name: Penelope "Penny" Hayes
Character Nature: Watcher
Character birthdate: 3/2/1982
Character place of birth: Athens, GA
Personality: Bubbly and gregarious, but with some obvious insecurities, Penny sometimes strikes people as scatterbrained and silly. This is partly a cover. She's extremely observant, calm in emergencies, and prone to memorizing odd snippets of trivia and fact.
Appearance: 5'6", curly black hair, gray eyes, and freckles. Penny is a little overweight, but healthy and in good enough physical condition to take long walks and practice kung fu. She usually wears wristbands to keep the Watcher tattoo covered, and sometimes covers it with makeup.
Brief character History: Her father was a teacher, who died in an accident when she was six. From there on, she was raised by her mother, who kept files and computer systems for the Watchers. Her mother put a lot of pressure on her to achieve, and Penny never felt she quite lived up to expectations. She entered the academy after high school, hoping following in her mother's footsteps would earn her approval, although she has become a field agent rather than working behind the desk. Her first two immortal assignments were short-lived, beheaded by enemies, and she feels inordinately guilty about it.
Abilities: Speaks French and Spanish fluently, good with animals, knows a little kung fu and can handle a gun.
Who they know/who knows them: She knows of Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod, and a couple other immortals by reputation, but has met neither. She will be assigned as Cavan's (boy_druid) Watcher, by mutual OOC consent.
Current residence: Just moved from Massachusetts to Seacouver.
Current profession: Watcher, dog groomer.
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